As with all things natural, the appearance of your bag will change with time.

There is a reason toxic, chemical dyes were created- they are efficiently applied, and their brilliant range of hues have staying power. However, the process uses a tremendous amount of water, and exposes our planet- and skin- to an abundance of harsh, harmful chemicals.


Hand Dyed Fabric

Vegetable dying is a complex and time consuming process, but is done with far less water, and utilizes all natural, plant derived materials. Before fabrics are dyed, they undergo a weight-based scouring, or washing, process, and are then submerged in a alum mordant bath for 24 hours, to encourage the dyes to stick. Some dyes will remain their brilliant, saturated colors for a long time, while others will change with age, sunlight, and wear. We always try to avoid dyes that are known to be fleeting, and stick to the colors that have the most longevity, so your unique design should never vanish. However, please know that with time, the appearance of the dyes will evolve! Bright sunny yellows may shift to yolk-hued golds, amethyst purples to soft stormy blue-greys, and deep jewel-toned pinks to pale strawberry jam.


Veg Tanned Leather

The leather on our products is also free of chemical dyes and treatments, tanned only with vegetables. This quality of leather is more time consuming to be processed, and requires highly knowledgeable, skilled workers to do so- (slow fashion; fair wages!)- and is both beautiful and highly durable. Your leather will start a pale earthy pink, and eventually transition to a rich tobacco tan. Its imperfections and subtle variations give it character, and reveal its unique history.

We hope that you appreciate the sensitive nature of your one-of-a-kind piece, and the inherent beauty of its naturally derived, individually created design. Just as in nature- a sunset, a storm- no two moments are alike, but all are extraordinary.


To extend the life of your bag we suggest:

Treat your bag like you treat your face!

Minimize sun exposure: Choose the shady side of the street/table/picnic blanket while out and about; keep out of direct sunlight when not in use. But also, let her live! Take that baby to the beach and don’t give it a second thought.

Cleanse: Dab stains immediately with a dry, clean cloth. If further cleaning is required, use a small amount of mild detergent on a wet, clean cloth, and work from the outside towards the center of the stain, to prevent circling.

Moisturize: You may wish to treat your leather periodically with coconut or olive oil.


To keep your clothes looking bright and fresh we suggest:

Keeping it cool and gentle is key!

Ideally, to maximize the life and brilliance of your plant derived colors, wash items by hand in cold water, and hang dry. But hey, we are busy (and realistic!) people too, so we get that that’s not always an option. If you throw items in the washing machine, make sure to select cold water, gentle cycle, and always use a mild, natural detergent (Tide, Bleach, OxyClean… you do not count). Hang dry when possible; other times, gentle cycle on low heat in the dryer will do just fine.


Should your bag incur any tears or unremovable stains:

Our goal is to prioritize the environment and style. As such, we want to create products that you love, but that will also stand the test of time, to limit what goes into landfills. If you have a stain or tear in your bag that's wreaking aesthetic or functional havoc, we'd love to give it a new life with patches from unique Palmar dyed scraps- simultaneously saving your bag, and wasted fabric! Email us for a quote and details.