Feathered Gold Pocket

Feathered Gold Pocket


One of a kind, hand vegetable dyed, rounded zip pouch. Works wonderfully as a clutch on its own, or as a little pocket within larger bags to keep track of small or special items. Feathered Gold was tie dyed with onion skins and turmeric.

  • 100% cotton canvas body individually dyed using canvas remnants from larger products.

  • Lined with soft oatmeal felt composed of 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. 

  • Trimmed with vegetable tanned leather scraps from larger products.

  • Gold zipper teeth reclaimed from factory waste.

  • Pouch measures W8.25” x D7.25”.

***PLEASE NOTE: Dyed canvas will evolve with age and sun exposure. Vegetable tanned leather will patina, darkening over time and developing a unique appearance with varied colors and textures. Please read more and understand what to expect of these beautiful, naturally treated materials here. ***

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