Hot Tamale Preemie/ NB

Hot Tamale Preemie/ NB


Upcycled, one of a kind, hand vegetable dyed, baby onesie. Hot Tamale was tie dyed with Avocado pits, Madder root and Cutch.

  • 100% cotton, long sleeve, snap crotch onesie; labeled as Preemie (also fits newborn).

  • Locally thrifted to prevent new fabrics and garments from being created, and to keep existing items out of landfills by giving them new life.

  • Thoroughly cleansed at a high temperature in a process called “scouring” prior to dyeing.

***PLEASE NOTE: Colors shown as close to digital reality as possible. Vegetable dyed fabric will evolve with age and sun exposure. We recommend hand or machine washing in cold water with mild detergent, and hanging dry to maximize color brilliance. Please read more and understand what to expect of these beautiful, naturally treated materials here. ***

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